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Bo & Bo Communications
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Bo & Bo are Ilina and Mario Boyadjievi, united in a PR agency which creates opportunities for business development.


We develop fresh creative concepts and apply the necessary PR tactics to support the business goals: growth, revenue, customers, and more.


Our creative concept is individual for each company and includes original slogan, author lyrics and exciting design.


We apply this concept in all PR tactics: media relations, social networks, events, digital marketing, influencing marketing, employer brand development, crisis communication, reputation management, and Corporate Social Responsibility.


In our work, we strive to connect the PR and the business to create a mutually beneficial relationship with new opportunities for both parties. As our slogan says: Brand Opportunities – Opportunities for Business.


Fresh creative concepts


Creative concept and content


We create original creative concepts with slogans, texts and design that clearly and attractively represent the business and its services or products. We apply the creative concept in all PR channels and tactics.

Media Relations


We can inspire journalists to reflect every news, company, product, and service.


We organize attractive media events.


We write informative and creative press releases and forward them to appropriate media.


We train companies how to communicate with journalists.

Social media strategies


We introduce the business on social networks with fresh content and effective ads. We know how to communicate with fans.

Digital Marketing


We know how to portray every company online through search engine optimization and digital advertising. We create concept and quality content. We manage advertising campaigns.

Influencer marketing


We can inspire the most popular bloggers, advertisers and opinion leaders to be ambassadors of any company, product or service.

Event management


We organize events with an appropriate location, remarkable branding, quality food and drinks, and outstanding DJs and performers.

Crisis communication


When consumers do not like a particular company, we inspire them to see its benefits.

Employer branding


We can find fortunate professionals to become your employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility


We support every company which cares for the environment and society by offering a suitable cause and organizing the project.


The needed PR tactics



Mario Boyadjiev

The entrepreneur

Radoslava Dimitrova

The Priceless Financial Manager

Ralitza Angelova

The Graphic Design Wonderwoman

Linda Hristova

The Digital Supergirl